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Clear & Colour Sealers

The perfect product to bring back life to your faded and dirty pavers,concrete or limestone.We are still amazed by the results we achieve and thereby love applying this product.You can even change the colour totally! Once applied your flooring can be easily cleaned and is no longer porous.


An attractive and cost effective Solution.

With high performance concrete and stone sealers the process of cleaning and sealing your concrete and pavers not only helps protect dirt, leaves and other debris, it highlights all their natural colours and patterns and beautifies their appearance as well. Mainly to seal and protect concrete we have specially formulated our Concrete Sealers. Spray Pave Perth is Concrete Sealing Expert servicing all of Perth and surrounding areas. Be it concrete sealing Perth, driveway sealing, cleaning & painting, pavers, patio areas, factory floors or be it anything we’ll do all for you in an attractive and cost effective way.These days the use of clear and coloured coatings and sealers on concrete has gained popularity.


Clear Sealers.

A clear sealer is required for every stained concrete flooring project.Add a clear sealer on your paving, exposed aggregate, stone or concrete and protect your investment. Our clear sealer brings out the true color of the stained concrete.Besides, the clear sealer protects the concrete surface from moisture, spills, staining, dirt, scratches and abrasion, and preserves the color.At Spray Pave Perth, the clear sealer provided makes the maintenance easier. Without affecting the basic appearance of the floor, dust comes up readily, and wax or floor finish can be applied, burnished, removed and reapplied. Enhancing its elegance and beauty,drawing greater attention to, and adding depth, and glaze to stained concrete, Clear Sealers are highly applealing.

Colour Sealers.

Want to change the colour of your pavers or concrete and add a non slip additive to it for safety? Then Colour Sealers are a best solution. The ugly stains in your garage or change the colour of your original faded flooring through the Colour Sealers.There is also a distinct market, in the today’s concrete flooring industry, for high-performance colored coatings. Being less expensive and fundamentally more functional than stained concrete flooring and other forms of decorative concrete, like polished concrete, this sphere of market has great popularity at places like laboratory, school, hospital, restaurant kitchen, warehouse, garage or repair facility.

Dedicated Customer Service.

Same color of concrete stains can have two completely different shades or “tones” depending on the choice of sealer. Our customer service is highly dedicated. They perform stained and sealed color samples at the outset of every stained concrete flooring project and selects the clear sealer that best fits their budget parameters, achieves the optimal color enhancement and gloss and best suits their project environment.They work with each and every customer closely.

Colour Sealers

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