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Why replace when you can resurface!

Thinking to renovate and modernise your home without breaking the bank? Is your driveway seems a bit tired and bored? Are you hunting for a solution to get rid of unsightly concrete? Wanting to stand out and be unique? Spray Pave Perth does the lot. Get a professional result from a company that prides itself on being the best and make an impact on your friends or clients.
Any driveway of any size, our spray on paving will transform it into a mind blowing masterpiece with its special non-slip textured and tough strength rating that will endure all types of vehicle & foot traffic


A Durable & Affordable Solution.

Spray On Paving is highly durable, incredibly affordable and is suitable for external concrete areas including driveways, paths, patios, pool surrounds or garages.Property managers who are uncertain about the slip-resistance of surfaces had turned to spray on paving to provide them with an absolutely reliable surface that looks stunning, remains slip-resistant in wet conditions, comes in appealing colours and can be enhanched with playing field marking or other insignia.


Variety of Services.

Whether you have a workshop, warehouse, bakery, food outlet or school, Spray Pave Perth has the capacity to achieve outstanding results. After Spray Pave Perth has completed the job to your satisfaction, we can apply line-marking & safety zones as well. We try to fulfil all the needs of our residential and commercial clients through our variety of services.Our team of highly trained professionals are able to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Features of our system include:

To inhibit the growth of mould, moss or lichen we use Fungicidal additive. An abundant option of colours, patterns and textures are available. Besides Markings, corporate logos and other insignia can be embedded in the surface. A UV-resistant sealer coat keeps the colours and patterning fast and making cleaning a breeze.Further our system also includes a Pendulum-tested to comply with AS 4586


Our Guarantee your trust.

The safety of the pedestrian surfaces is the responsibility of the property managers of which many are unaware. As a result, there is an escalation of Slip and Fall injury claims and the first defence against such a claim is to ensure that their surfaces meet the applicable standard.The surfaces has to be tested using a wet pendulum device by a NATA-accredited facility,as per 4586 . We’re proud to say that not one of our jobs has ever failed this exacting challenge.Ensuring workplace safety, non-slip surfaces are paramount and we take prides on quality workmanship, backed by unparalleled safety regimes.

Spray On Concrete Professionals


Countless Option.

Spray Pave Perth is the perfect resurfacing solution to renovate the existing paving area. We at Spray Pave Perth, provide aesthetic designs and patterns for you to choose from and turn your floorings or driveways into a work of art.Be it simple or complex, you imagine and we will design it for you. For over many years, our team has been doing concrete resurfacing and we take the pride in remaining at the forefront of our industry in terms of technology and workmanship used. Spray on paving & decorative concrete resurfacing has been our specialization.

  •  Fully customisable
  •  One of a kind
  •  Available in a huge variety of colours and patterns

Spray On Concrete

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